Alanna Mitchell

Award-winning Canadian science journalist.

Alanna’s acclaimed play, Sea Sick, just keeps going.

So, I’m a science journalist and one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done  was research a book on how we’re altering the chemistry of the global ocean. Sounds a bit dull, right? But it was a tale of grand adventure and marvellous discovery with a good dollop of humour, peopled with some of the most fascinating scientists in the world.

So I started giving talks about it and that – to my surprise and ultimately horror – ended up in my being commissioned to create a play, with the help of Franco Boni and Ravi Jain of The Theatre Centre in Toronto, and perform it. Live. In person. In front of people. In a theatre. The results were interesting. This thing was nominated for a Dora in 2014. Three years later, we’ve toured to most of the festivals in Canada, been to Mumbai and Europe and are now heading to the Antipodes. Plus a big tour in southern Ontario in the fall of 2017. This fellow just keeps going.


Here’s how critics described my play: “Shockingly honest”. “Passionate”. “Unconventional theatre”. “A thrilling, yet highly disturbing cautionary tale”. “Riveting and mentally stimulating”. “Unsettling information aimed at provoking change”. “Life-changing”.


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