Alanna Mitchell

Award-winning Canadian science journalist.

Alanna’s acclaimed play, Sea Sick, just keeps going.

So, I’m a science journalist and one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done  was research a book on how we’re altering the chemistry of the global ocean. Sounds a bit dull, right? But it was a tale of grand adventure and marvellous discovery with a good dollop of humour, peopled with some of the most fascinating scientists in the world.

So I started giving talks about it and that – to my surprise and ultimately horror – ended up in my being commissioned to create a play, with the help of Franco Boni and Ravi Jain of The Theatre Centre in Toronto, and perform it. Live. In person. In front of people. In a theatre. The results were interesting. This thing was nominated for a Dora in 2014. Three years later, we’ve toured to most of the festivals in Canada, been to Mumbai and Europe and are now heading to the Antipodes. Plus a big tour in southern Ontario in the fall of 2017. This fellow just keeps going.


Here’s how critics described my play: “Shockingly honest”. “Passionate”. “Unconventional theatre”. “A thrilling, yet highly disturbing cautionary tale”. “Riveting and mentally stimulating”. “Unsettling information aimed at provoking change”. “Life-changing”.


Ontario tour in fall 2018!

Well, big news . We’re doing another tour this fall — 2018 —  through Ontario, starting with five performances in Waterford on November 1 to 4 at the Old Town Hall. So exciting!

After that, we’re at the Regent Theatre in Picton on November 9, the Northern Lights Theatre in Haliburton on November 12, and the Registry Theatre in Kitchener on November 15. A few other performances are also shaping up for the fall tour, and I’ll keep you posted. We might even be making our way back to a Toronto stage before Christmas!


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