Alanna Mitchell

Award-winning Canadian science journalist.

Sea Sick, the book, redux

November 4, 2019

photo credit: Adeline Heymann

My book Sea Sick, The Global Ocean in Crisis, came out a decade ago. This year, my editor at Canadian Geographic, Aaron Kylie, asked me to revisit the science. What has happened in 10 years? It led me on a journey, of course, as all valid investigations do. This one was to Antarctica on yet another ship. Here’s what I found out:

Whenever I give talks about Malignant Metaphor, people ask me how its two main characters are doing. My brother-in-law, John, was diagnosed in 2010 with melanoma. My daughter, Calista, in 2012. The update: John’s cancer returned with a vengeance in late 2015. He developed a large melanoma tumor in his back, deeply embedded in his …

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“It is often said that our oceans are less understood than the surface of the moon. Alanna Mitchell’s informative and deeply moving book gives a wonderful portrait of a global marine ecosystem that desperately needs both greater popular understanding and international protection against looming catastrophe.” —-Mark Lynas, Environmentalist and author of ‘Six Degrees’.”  

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